February 09, 2009

Have You Tried YOGASSAGE?

In case you haven't heard, I'm now offering a special practice called Yogassage! Yogassage is comprised of passive yoga stretching (meaning you lay there, I gently stretch you), acupressure, a little Reiki, a little traditional massage, a little meditation, a little chakra balancing, and a whole lot of tension release. It's very similar to Thai Yoga Massage, but with added stuff (Tracy style). Sessions are done on the padded floor, you stay fully clothed, and they last about an hour to an hour and 1/4. The fee is $85 a session. You will leave feeling soothed, refreshed and relaxed.

Here's what some Yogassage recipients are saying:

"Yogassage is a truly unique, therapeutic, wonderful form of body relaxation! It really ought to be called YogAHHHssage. I liked so much about it: the combination of beneficial elements that Tracy (and ONLY Tracy!) knows how to employ; the fact that it is not entirely passive (There is no risk of falling asleep and drooling or snoring, during a yogassage session!). With her extensive knowledge of the entire body, glandular and muscular-skeletal points, Tracy addresses very gently all regions, tip to toe. I had not requested work on any particular problem area nor muscle strain, but it is apparent that this kind of relaxation therapy would be quite helpful for sore muscles. I did find it to be very relaxing, releasing, healing and pampering. Afterwards, I felt distinctly soothed, invigorated and cleansed! I would absolutely recommend this to anyone----it is a delightfully innovative, highly effective experience! I look forward to my next yogahhhssage!" Miriam Sturm
"I've had a variety of massages across the globe and always like to try out new treatments. I'd recommend Yogassage for dancers, yogis, and other active people who exercise regularly. I don't think it would be a good option for people who are out of touch with their bodies as they probably don't know how to relax! There's something unique about how the stretches and manipulated adjustments lead to relaxation verses a Swedish massage where it's motionless. The closest examples of similar massages would be Thai or Shiatsu. By relaxing and giving into the movement, a deeper relaxation is achieved than typical massage. Still, it's completely relaxing since the practitioner is doing all the work and the recipient is passive. I think a few sessions will ultimately help anyone's yoga practice as one benefit is a better understanding of the range and limits of movement. I'd recommend Yogassage to all your students, friend, and family as a way to both be pampered and learn a little more about their own bodies." Sona

"Yogassage: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! What more is there to say? Tracy’s Yogassage is unlike anything I’ve experienced before. A large part of Yogassage is Tracy moving your body in Yoga or yoga-like movements while you’re on the floor. The more you relax, the more she can move you deeper than you can go by yourself. This sounds scary, but it feels wonderful and I have felt released, not sore, afterwards.

I’ve had three Yogassages so far. Twice I’ve gone because of shoulder pain and stiffness in my neck (not surprising considering this winter!). Once I went for general tuning and relaxation. After each Yogassage I feel like I’m floating, and the tightness and pain are gone. It’s difficult to decide if I should stay for Yoga afterwards (which I’ve done twice and have felt an amazing level of fluidity and joy), or if I should go home and wrap myself in the peace that follows the Yogassage.

I think the critical element of Tracy’s Yogassage is Tracy. The same compassion and strength/gentleness and knowledge that are the hallmark of Tracy’s yoga teaching style come through in her Yogassage technique. She just KNOWS where I need work. I think the biggest responsibility we as Yogassage recipients have is to make sure we tell Tracy beforehand of any injuries or medical issues we have so the level of massage will be appropriate.

I found that I got more out of the 2nd Yogassage, and even more out of the 3rd, because I knew what to expect and was able to relax into them more. Can’t wait for the next one!"
Renee Schwartz

So why not treat yourself to a Yogassage session soon? Just contact me anyway that's convenient to set up an appointment. I'm looking forward to seeing you soon!