May 08, 2012

Happy Spring

Ranya and Christa
 Beautiful Eagles
It's been awhile since I've posted anything and I thought I'd just bring everyone up to date a bit.

First..Yay! Spring is definitely here and doesn't it feel great.  This is a wonderful time to take stock of all the unwanted things in your life and set them free.  This could mean spring cleaning, or spirit cleaning.  It's all good.  Give yourself permission to let something go and feel the immediate lightness this brings.

Second..Don't forget (Aerial Yogis) that there's no class on Memorial Day May 28th.  Everyone enjoy your time in the sun and honor those who have made it possible for us to do so.

Thirdly..And speaking of Aerial Yoga...the new session is open for enrollment.  It runs July 9th-August 13th.  I've had quite a bit of interest in this session so if you are too, reserve your spot now!  Email me and I'll let you know how.

Finally..As summer approaches I've had lots of queries about whether I'll be doing specialty classes.  The answer is yes, but they'll not be listed ahead of time.  I feel like it was counter productive to list all the specialty classes ahead of time because some people made up their minds that they would not like a class so they skipped it.  This way, more people will be able to experience something new without pre-judgement, and who knows.....maybe REALLY enjoy the experience.  Remember that Yoga is about expanding our bodies and minds and spirits.  The minute we make the choice to block a new experience because of pre conceived notions we are stunting our own growth and inhibiting our journey on our dharmic path.  So... let's enter into summer ready to embrace ALL the interesting things our practice may bring us!!  I'm so looking forward to a wonderful summer with you all..