February 09, 2011

Aerial Yoga comes to the Tai Chi Center

Ever wonder what it feels like to defy gravity? To float just above the ground as you expand into your yoga pose? Well now you can find out! The studio has been rigged, and the sling has been purchased so that you can experience Aerial Yoga! With over 20 years of yoga experience and 5 years of aerial experience I'm excited to blend these two very different but equally awesome mediums. I'll be offering lessons on a private and small group basis first, and if there's enough interest, I'll purchase more slings and offer it as a class.
To get you started I'm offering special introductory rates through May of 2011.
  • One Private Lesson: $65
  • Two Private Lessons: $110
  • Three Private Lessons: $155 (your best bargain and recommended amount to get a true feel for the sling)
Small Group Private Rate:
  • Two students: $40 per person per session
  • Three students: $30 per person per session
Call or email me to set up your personal aerial yoga sessions! Branch out and try something new in a safe, comfortable, personalized session.
773-720-YOGA or www.yogachicago.us

February 08, 2011

Live In Joy

Live in Joy, in Love, even among those who hate. Live in Joy, in Health, even among the afflicted. Live in Joy, in Peace, even among the troubled. Look within. Be still. Live free from fear and attachment and know the sweet joy of the way. Buddha