November 26, 2014

Holiday Season

Once again it is time for the onslaught of holidays.  There are so many reasons to be filled with joy this season, but for some, it's easy to be overwhelmed.  It can be challenging to keep everything in balance as most of us are pulled and pushed in many directions, depleting our energy, finances and time.  As with other times in life the mantra "everything in moderation" can be an effective tool.  It is possible to go to the parties, handle the extra load on the finances and keep the good cheer alive if we learn to make good choices and protect ourselves in the process.  Remember that it's important to nurture your body and spirit so you can continue to be nurturing to others. It is not selfish to take care of is in fact the greatest gift.  When you attend to your needs, the energy you bring into the world is from a place of love, contentment, grace.  Exactly what the world needs.  What a gift indeed.  Whatever it is you celebrate this season, celebrate with love and joy!

Holiday Class Schedule
All classes run as normal except for the following cancellations:
Thursday November 27th.....Thanksgiving
Wednesday December 24th.....Christmas Eve
Thursday December 25th.....Christmas Day
Thursday January 1st.....New Years Day

And look on the website for new classes starting in January including Aerial Yoga and Saturday classes!